Beto Ramos
Veterinary specialized in Equine Reproduction in the USA and owner of Central Equus

“Nowadays, Equiboard has a quality that is guaranteed worldwide, it doesn’t lose to big centers and manufacturers like USA and Europe. They produce equipment of excellent quality. The first Aquatic Exerciser produced by Equiboard was installed here. I'm sure it will be the first of many.”

Dr. Reinaldo de Campos
Veterinarian and founder of Equine Center (located at the Jockey Club of São Paulo), in an interview at the inauguration of the Central Equus Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Center

“All the equipment here are Equiboard, I have known for some time the very high quality of the products. Some studies in the USA and Europe show that, in hot countries (as is the case in Brazil), the use of water aerobics helps to reduce stress, promoting animal welfare."

Paulo Meneghel
Owner of Haras PAM in Bandeirantes - State of Paraná/BR

“We recently acquired a Circular Exerciser for 6 horses. It has greatly improved our animals’ handling, has given us more tranquility, when we put to walk before training and also on days that have no training conditions. We are very happy, very pleased."