João Manoel
Trainer on the farm Santa Rita, Brasil.

My name is João Manoel Dias do Valle I am a resident trainer of apartation horses at Fazenda Santa Rita, Brasil. We have purchased equiboard’s six horse exerciser for various purposes and are very pleased with the equipment! The equipment is fantastic!!! Because we save time and work, leaving our troops always in perfect physical condition, with all technology and security!

Tom Dangelieri
Owner of Studs Cass farms in São Paulo, Brasil

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Fernando Antunes
Manager of Studs VJC in Paraná, Brasil

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Paula Rodrigues de Sá
Owner of the horse heart stud in São Paulo, Brazil

“Equiboard has proven its quality and efficiency in equipment and service. the horse walker we acquired greatly improved the training of our horses, and now we are going to acquire infrared to further improve their health and well-being”.

Mari Quintieri
Veterinary doctor and manager at haras albar in São Paulo, Brazil

“Here at haras albar, we have: circular exerciser for eight horses, walter treadmill, treadmill with incline and infrared! all equiboard equipment helps us in the daily training of animals, improving performance, reducing stress, helping to recover from injuries, among others! we have been partners for some years and we have already exported a water treadmill to portugal and a mat with elevation to uruguay, where we also have animals in training”.

José Luiz Matthes
Owner of haras Capituva, São Paulo, Brazil

“The horse walker has contributed in a very satisfactory way, as it has helped in the weight of the animals, in the aerobic part, conditioning the animals to withstand work and walking tests, in addition to the practicality and optimization of employees’ time.”

Gabriel Cury
Exerciser at the ST. Helena stables in São Paulo, Brazil

“I’ve had the horse walker for three years, i love it, we use it every day without fail. there was never any problem, i lived in europe for a while and used a lot there. when i came back we bought it again. Very good!”


beto ramos central equus
Beto Ramos
(Português do Brasil) Veterinário especializada em Reprodução Equina nos EUA e proprietária da Central Equus.

“Nowadays, Equiboard has a quality that is guaranteed worldwide, it doesn’t lose to big centers and manufacturers like USA and Europe. They produce equipment of excellent quality. The first Aquatic Exerciser produced by Equiboard was installed here. I’m sure it will be the first of many.”

Dr. Reinaldo de Campos
(Português do Brasil) Veterinário e fundador do Centro Equino (localizado no Jockey Clube de São Paulo), em entrevista concedida na inauguração do Centro de Reabilitação e Fisioterapia Central Equus.

“All the equipment here are Equiboard, I have known for some time the very high quality of the products. Some studies in the USA and Europe show that, in hot countries (as is the case in Brazil), the use of water aerobics helps to reduce stress, promoting animal welfare.”

Paulo Meneghel
(Português do Brasil) Proprietário de Haras PAM en Bandeirantes - Estado de Paraná / BR

“We recently acquired a Circular Exerciser for 6 horses. It has greatly improved our animals’ handling, has given us more tranquility, when we put to walk before training and also on days that have no training conditions. We are very happy, very pleased.”