High-Speed Treadmill

The Equiboard High-Speed Treadmill is designed to cater to veterinarians, universities, equestrian clubs, breeders and training centers, making it possible to subject horses to regular, continuous and scheduled exercise at the desired intensity.

Its design enables a great view of the horse, safe access to the work team and to the horse. It features hydraulic tilting system, automatic lubrication system, vibration damping system, silencer and safety systems to prevent accidents.

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The mat High Speed ​​Equiboard was developed to meet veterinary, universities, equestrian clubs, creators and training centers, allowing subjecting horses cadenced exercises, continuous, programmed and the desired intensity.
Its design allows a great horse display, secure access to the work team and the horse. It has hydraulic tilting system, Automatic lubrication system, Vibration damping system, muffler, as well as safety systems to prevent accidents with horses.

VELOCITY: 0 – 60 km/h (16,7m/s)
SLOPE: 0 a 10°
LENGTH: 440 cm (14,4 feet)
WIDTH: 100 cm(3,3 feet
WEIGHT: 3000 kg


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