Equiboard Aqua-treadmill is an equipment that in addition to promoting muscle strengthening, will develop flexibility and elasticity during training. Hydromawake units can alter the water depth between each patient, allowing targeted rehabilitation protocols, important to address different stages of musculoskeletal injuries by increasing joint mobility, improving postural control, promoting resistance and muscle activation, in addition to reducing inflammation.
In the Aqua-treadmill the animal will be partially submerged, but always with the limbs in contact with the floor, maintaining posture (without lateral movements) and working the same muscles normally used during the mounted work, but reducing trauma and stress.
Produced with high quality materials and with great finish, the new model was restructured bringing innovations such as:
Greater efficiency and better use of dimensions, reducing width length and water volume.

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Benefits of Aqua treadmilll HE – 3500

Equiboard Aqua treadmilll was developed to serve ehipic clubs, breeders and training centers, making it possible to subject horses to continuous, programmed exercises and at the desired intensity, with the force controlled by water height, excellent heat exchange and low friction. One can exercise and gain muscle mass of the athlete equine, improving its endurance and performance, in addition to preventing normal musculoskeletal pathologies in track exercise. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest advances in training, reconditioning and rehabilitation for sports horses.

Aqua treadmilll can replace horse-mounted exercises for horses in rehabilitation from injuries such as tendonitis, desmitis and treatment of back pain/dysfunction.

Walking in the aqua treadmilll can be used to encourage flexion of the hind limbs as part of a rehabilitation program without increasing the horse’s workload.

The aqua treadmilll allows a predetermination of water volume and speed of walking on the treadmill according to the case of each animal. Its objective is that the horse can walk while maintaining the posture of when it is mounted, being able to perform training at the same intensity, however, without soil imperfections and reducing the risk of new injuries.

The height of the water alters the biomechanics of horse movements. At the time of the carpal water and ulna, the frequency of the stride decreases and the length of the stride increases, where the horse is forced to push the water. At a depth of water from the carpal joint, the horse steps on the water, increasing axial rotation in the back.

At the depths of the elbow or shoulder, axial rotation decreases due to increased water resistance, as the horse can no longer step on the water. This increases pelvic flexion and decreases lateral flexion. High water levels result in cranial thoracic extension and thoracolumbar flexion.

The Equiboard aqua treadmilll has a speed adjustment between 3 and 15 km/h with electronic control and an emergency system.

It is an equipment capable of subjecting horses to an intense exercise, low impact and excellent caloric exchange.

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