Increase the animals athletes’ successful chances in competitions, speed up the rehabilitation process and keep them healthy.


To be a quality equipment reference for animal conditioning and treatment in the international market.


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About us

20 Years of


Equiboard has been working since 1998 in the development of equipment for training, physical conditioning and treatment of horses.

Our technical team consists of highly qualified veterinarians, engineers and designers who offer customized projects that meet the objectives and needs of customers.

The result of this quality is present in hundreds of educational institutions, ehipic clubs, training centers and veterinary hospitals throughout Brazil and around the world.

Equiboard began its activities in 1996 after Silvio Piotto, Veterinarian and Founder of Equiboard, returned from a trip from the United States, in which he met several equipment that could be manufactured in Brazil. The first equipment developed was the operating table, from which came the company name: Equiboard, “Equi” of horses and “board” platform / table.

The first surgical table was launched in 1998 and installed at equicenter in Tatuí-SP, active and functioning to this day, having performed thousands of surgeries. Equiboard has a specialized team of engineers and designers who continue to develop equipment for horses and small animals, for training and rehabilitation, always innovating and incorporating new technologies, but above all, concerned with the quality and effectiveness of the equipment and the satisfaction of our customers, so that it benefits the animal by accuracy and safety.

We also know that horses are increasingly treated as athletes. They are expensive, valuable animals and the great challenge of science is to develop mechanisms and technology for their sports life to be lasting. The equipment represents a great benefit to the animals, due to the strong difference between training the horse with technical methods on a track and doing physical conditioning through the equipment. Conditioning should be done in a safe, stable and controlled environment, so that the animal does not run the risk of suffering some kind of muscle, tendon or joint injury and, still, develop so much physical capacity.

Our products are recognized nationally and internationally, with equipment sold to several countries in America, Asia and Europe, which allows us to create new product lines and the consequent expansion of the market, enabling the conquest of new customers, combined with the maintenance of current and the guarantee of excellence of the products. This makes our customers happy and satisfied that they have made the right choice: Equiboard.

The main equipment of the equine line are the Aqua Treadmill, Horse Walker, the Training Treadmill, the Infrared system for rehabilitation and the Spa, with cold water for treatments of joint diseases of the horse, in addition to other equipment of high durability.

Our Research and Development department works continuously, always seeking technology in other countries and also developing our own, to offer innovative and efficient products to the veterinary market, whether for the horse or for the pet. In the pet line, our main product is the Aqua Treadmill for Small Animals, in addition to the Training Treadmill, Ultrasound, among other equipment.

Schedule a time and come and meet us! Our team is ready to welcome you! We are located on Highway SP 107, at km 28.5, Borda da Mata neighborhood, in the city of Jaguariúna-SP.